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February 18 – Budapest

March 9/10 – Budapest

April 27/28 – Budapest

Free Fall

from Somatic into Technique

Falling looks like a consequence of flying, but how to fly being not able to fall?
A bird needs to drop itself first.
So let’s consider falling as the condition for flying and drop ourselves first!
In his first video from 1972, called “chute”, Steve Paxton examines the passage from up to down.
The small dance became a foundation in CI practise, while standing allowing the body to be at the edge of falling he says: “All the cells know the way down”.
Surrendering to gravity, our body knows how to fall, connective tissues remind bounciness to bones, sliding organs relativize up and down, inner streams and rivers flow vortexes, skin is hanging, forgotten reflexes show up… stop trying to know because it is already happening.
This workshop is an invitation to revisit the foundations of CI with the support of somatic practises. We will use exercises taken from the pioneers that I will combine with various body system consciousness.
We will do solo, duet and ensemble work, and take time to look at each other and reflect.
It will not be dangerous neither violent for the body rather generous and tender!
We will enhance our sensitivity to choose between falling together or separately, accompanying each other, providing safe support to ourself, “transforming vertical momentum into horizontal travel”.
For who:
dancers, pedagogues, martial artists, movers, body workers, body therapists
This workshop is for all level dancers, previous experience in CI will definitely help. The progression and evolution of the material will depend on the group availability and engagement, we make it together!
Date and time:
2024 february 18
sunday from 11 to 18
Space :
Grabo 100S, Jurányi utca 3, 2nd district
deposit: 15000 HUF
registration and payment before february 12 – 18000 HUF
after 22000 HUF
In case of cancellation we keep the deposit.
Contact Playfight

Contact Playfight


Contact Playfight awakens movement consciousness by embracing our environment with all our skin.
It invites us to constant disorientation, attention towards body presence, being surprised by what’s coming next.
It makes friend with the animal body, it gathers memories of sensitivity and movement skills. As kids naturally play with aggression and power, soft and gentle provocation nurtures a safe and mindful space within and between us.
It is an embracing playground, including fully the raw aspects of being human, by embodying emotional intensity, we allow freedom of interaction, breaking taboos and having fun!
It liberates enthusiasm within excitement, it enlarges our perception of slow motion and highspeed, invites us to become soft, and wild, at the same time.
– embodying gravity
– falling into momentum
– moving fluidly from primal spine and feet
– surrendering vs resisting
– going with vs against
– softening inner spaces into expension
– feeling body as a loving home
Care and safety:
we will spend quality time on sensing consent
For who?
this workshop is for all level, experienced and non experienced dancers, actors, martial artists and body workers

Continuous presence… open for all CI lovers.

Time schedule, dates :

2024 March 9-10
from 10.00 to 18.00 both days
Space :
we will use a space with special soft floor for acrobatics!
Budapest, Inspirál Cirkuszközpont
1117 Budapest, Sopron út 19/A
deposit 10000 HUF
registration and deposit paiement before february 20 : 29000 HUF
after : 35000 HUF
If you cancel we can not refund you the deposit.
Max. participants: 15.

Flowing into Flying

from somatics into techniques

We have two legs on the ground, two arms in the air.

Our body bridges earth with sky.

During the day we walk, while dreaming we fly.
Contact Improvisation is a wonderful dance form, through physical contact we can experience such qualities that can enchant our movement experiences, like flying for example!
In this workshop, you will experience what flowing into flying means – giving first our support to the earth and effortlessly leave it – how does that feel, how your body can be light and what are the qualities needed inside the variety of ways to approach it.
We will:
– investigate an inner flow of nourishment.
– work with embryological consciousness for a soft and malleable inner axis.
– visit principles of material for the spine to curve into our partner axis.
– explore some CI principles like going with, amplifying, bouncing.
– invite our spine as our most intelligent limb.
– swing and play with the endless gifts of momentum.
– see, greet each others and have fun!
To whom I recommend the course:
dancers, teachers, martial artists, people involved in movement and bodywork
Recommended for dancers of any skill level, but your previous contact improvisation experience will definitely help. How you progress and develop will depend on the potential of the group. We will create the outcome together!
27-28 April 2024
Saturday 10-18H
Sunday 11-18H
Grabo studio 100s, Jurányi u. 3
15000 HUF
30.000 HUF for registration and payment before Feb 12
34.000 HUF after that
In case of cancellation the deposit is non-refundable.
participants : 20