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KIT Ensemble

Now Playing “Oceanhand”

Contact Improvisation Performance

Movement comes from body, body language is movement. Humans are earthy beings; nevertheless in the early stage of movement development we do start in utero water. We will bow to this aspect of us, which is apparently invisible but so much present in our dances. This performance is a celebration towards Contact Improvisation and the foundations of our movement language. We will travel from down earth to sky, from individual to flock consciousness, from sensuous and restful towards active flying awareness.
PS : It will be an inclusive performance, be prepared to move with us!

Grégory Chevalier

Barbara Sterk, Béres Bíborka Janka, Czizel Noémi, Grégory Chevalier, Hrotkó Heléna, Karvalics Anna Fruzsina, Lukács János, Mészáros Lőrinc, Szomor Lotti, Tordai Csongor, Varga Dóra, Kontur Balázs, Nikola Jankovics, Zoé Ambrus, Kiss Fruzsina, Ilona Regős, Csenge Olexa

Upcoming Performances

18. December. 2022. – Műhely Alapítvány / Workshop Foundation / Budapest