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KIT Ensemble

KiT ensemble is a dance company founded in Budapest by Grégory Chevalier.

We do believe that physical human touch belongs to our nature. 

And we wish to reclaim it back and share it with the world.

KiT Vienna

Somatic Contact Improvisation into Performance 
one year long training

KiT Budapest

A 4 year old dance company.

Home In Your Touch

Transformative Embodiment Practice


Our next performances and open spaces

about us

Dance as a sensing path, beyond any technique

You can explain why dance is good for you; you can mentalize dance as our time spirit is mentalizing everything. Isn’t dance simply about joy and feeling alive in the present moment? Perceiving sensing as a ultimate source, a prayer towards life, our dancing body is an art piece itself, and its natural skillfulness overtakes any technique.

A community of amateur and professional dancers, passionately seeking and researching the possibilities of improvisation. There are no insurmountable borders between us and our audience. During our performances, we invite the audience to experience the movements with more than just their eyes.

Performing art as the root of Contact Improvisation

Back in the 1970s, contact improvisation within the postmodern movement revolutionized the dance world. The practice often took place in a public space. Inviting an audience to witness the work, and in that way, the dance was placed in a performative context. Like their scores sounded like “Come as you are” and “Come and we show you what we do”, we perform in studios. Be as we are, and show what we do without any intention to prove or justify our dance.

The marriage of Somatic and Contact Improvisation

Somatic approaches present the body not as mechanical or mental knowledge. But as a silent one; it is a change of consciousness. Being a body, being a movement, rather than doing, directing, and making. Breathing in and out, being grateful. Somatic and Contact Improvisation are like a dream couple. From hands-on to full-body experiences, they complete and inspire each other with love.

Current dancers: Fruzsi Karvalics, Lőrinc Mészáros, Noémi Czizel, Ilona Regős, Csenge Olexa, Dorka Timár, Fruzsi Kiss, Andrea Miklos, Dora Varga, Csongor Tordai, Balázs Kontur, Lotti Szomor, Barbara Sterk, Szabolcs Hende, Grégory Chevalier.

Current musician: Conrad Hornung

Communication manager: Lotti Szomor

Choreographer : Grégory Chevalier

Previous dancers : Csenge Vass, Nikola Jankovics, Béres Bíborka Janka, Zoé Ambrus, Lukács János, Hrotkó Heléna

Previous musician: Bartha Gergely

Grégory Chevalier

Dancer, teacher, performer,
choreographer, organizer.

Founder and Art Director of KiT Ensemble
and Kontaktland Festival

Grégory has been leading workshops and trainings internationally in movement awareness and dance since 2011. His style is sensuous, playful, fed by a constant hunger for research and faith in body wisdom. He graduated as a Holistic Dance pedagogue under the wings of Sabine Parzer in 2012 then trained 5 years in Body Mind Centering® mentored by Ferenc Kálmán. In KiT’s work he is mainly inspired by first and second generation CI and somatic masters like Nancy Stark Smith, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Steve Paxton, Kálmán Ferenc and Karczag Eva with whom he had the chance to meet and learn from.  —- Tovább Butt  → Under construction




How our dancers experience the work?

Do you feel changes in your body? 
Kontur Balázs, sculptor, painter, dancer

What makes KiT so open and welcoming? 
Kiss Fruzsina, Coach, supervisor

“I feel the relationship with the audience.” 
Karvalics Fruzsina, Somatic Wellbeing MA, Special needs educator

“It is educational to inform people about somatic work.” 
Conrad Hornung, musician

What makes KiT intimate?
Dora Varga, professional dancer, teacher

“If I was not doing this, I would have to see it!” 
Csenge Olexa, professional dancer

audience testimonials